i hate you kyoani
i hate you with a fiery passion that can only be found in the deepest pits of hell

the last pic counts as both the aftermath and my reaction to the entire episode

but seriously though that daunting music after kisumi told them about sousuke’s shoulder left me on edge i cannot wait another week i will have died by then

i redrew this like a week ago and am only now uploading it =w=
i didn’t have a dark grey letraset promarker for kora’s hair when i did the original drawing so i kinda gave up ;w;
freaking vocaloid weeaboo that i was

left - 2011 | right - 2014

floss noodles

last one before i turn my laptop off :’)

god dammit mercan no


shoujo romansu

the wimpiest wimp

wanted to draw a ruffle collar thing don’t mind me

he stinks of cigarettes and monkey butt but she doesn’t care

I love your blog! And I love looking trough things you have redrawn! I feel like it´s hope for me too, that I will be better at drawing sometime, and when you post good drawings and then redraw them years later even better, I just smile of happiness hahaha

ooomgmgmggmhmhhfghhhd i’m tearing up omfmfg bless your soul don’t you ever give up anon never ever ever

oh wow i’m so glad that my redraws give you hope ;w; i can tell you that personally i freaking love redrawing old art because damn i love seeing if i’ve improved ;O;

i’m super happy that i can make you smile, sweet anon, you just gave me a grin a mile wide /kisses/

unova starter gijinkas!! i love how they all came out ahhhh ;w;

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