so while doing art homework i decided to try my hand at doing a realistic self-portrait (which i haven’t done foR YEARS)!! really pleased with the result ;w;)//////

super quick redoodle of something i barely attempted at drawing the first time round

left - (i’m gonna guess) 2009 | right - september 17th, 2014

ayyy another redraw B) i actually did this the other day but i forgot to upload it :’)

left - march 6th, 2012 | right - september 13th, 2014

i love this show so god damn much i am so pumped for the final episode you cannot even bELIEVE
also looking into buying the manga ;w;)/

now i wonder which one is saying that

don’t pick at the thread


i have no idea anymore

i’m too tired =.=

going through the ancient parts of my main blog
you can tell it’s ancient because i haven’t put tags on anything

stress-free draws ahhhh ;w;)/

i never got round to finishing riley’s birthday art so for the meantime i hope you like this! didn’t know which version i liked better, so have both uwu

it’s fancestor time!! starring kekara rakova O:

in all seriousness this episode destroyed me (rin set me off crying and it just went downhill from there)

but c’mon kyoani

felt like i was watching a shoujo romance for a minute there

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